ManyCosplay Review: Part Two

Thanks to Karen (a reader) for reminding me to get my lazy butt in gear on this long awaited review!

When you Google “Manycosplay reviews” little to nothing worth mentioning comes up. You may have been directed to my previous review, to this blog, but little else will show up. I’m sure that makes any prospective buyers a thousand times more hesitant to purchase a product from Allow me to put your worries to rest! ManyCosplay is a trustworthy site that delivers as promised. I have no gripes with their fantastic customer service (it is, in fact, some of the best I have ever experienced) or product fraud whatsoever. My order came within a week, all the way from Hong Kong to the US on express shipping. I imagine I would have received it much faster provided I had been within my native Singapore, but I was not during this particular order. (It was still an amazing speed, if you ask me!) As for the outfit itself, I received the Matryoshka Gumi Cosplay. The outfit comes with the skirt, socks, hoodie, and brown gloves. A wig may be purchased additionally, but is not included with this particular order. ManyCosplay has an excellent wig selection, which I blogged about here. I have compiled a brief video here showing the full outfit [which is still in editing], specifically the skirt and socks (though without the gloves). The only gripe to be had with this part of the outfit was simply the socks themselves. The slid down my thighs a little too easily, but were easily fixed with several pins. However, this may simply be because my thighs are a little on the narrow side despite my curvier torso. (I am still in that “giraffe” stage of my adolescence, unfortunately) As you can see, the jacket is a bit large and the socks slid down quite a lot. However, this was not at the fault of ManyCosplay!! When I ordered it, I purchased some overstock in a size too large. It was my choice, and is certainly not a reflection of “poor service” or the like. ManyCosplay, upon seeing my measurements, actually told me that it would be a bit big. I ordered it anyhow, for the sake of time. Again, it was my choosing, not theirs! I found the skirt to be my favorite item right away. It is a cute, wearable item that is perfect for every day use or other cosplay. I actually wore it multiple times as a regular skirt, and I received dozens of compliments. On my long (seriously long, I am 5’11”) legs, the skirt came to just above the knee. When I order online, I often find that the skirts I purchase are simply too short for my frame. When I ordered from ManyCosplay, this was not an issue. They make sure the cosplay will fit based on your proportions and measurements (hip, bust, and waist).  Receiving the best possible cosplay requires that you are able to take accurate measurements. If you can’t take them yourself, I would recommend asking a seamstress or an experienced friend. You don’t want to receive an ill-fitting cosplay simply because you measured incorrectly! All in all, the skirt is definitely my favorite! My least favorite part of this outfit was the gloves. They didn’t fit my hands, but this was, again, an error on my part. I have exceptionally long, bony fingers that are equal in size to that of my father’s hands (and my father’s hands are simply enormous!). If you have normal sized hands, these will most likely fit you. Here are a few stills of me wearing the skirt and socks. I unfortunately didn’t get any of me wearing the jacket, but that will be shown in the video once I finish editing it. 100_2585 copy

(Click for  a better view)

As you can see the outfit itself is super cute without the jacket, and is totally versatile! For $89.99, I honestly don’t think you can beat it! The quality is impressive for the low price, and the possible cosplays are endless. And with every cosplay, a matching wig can always be purchased additionally from ManyCosplay without needing to navigate away from the website. It all arrives at your door with no issues at an impressive speed. And you don’t even have to leave the house! 100_2591 All in all, I think both this cosplay and its price are fantastic. When you compare this cosplay to others like it, it definitely destroys the competition. This cosplay is cheaper than it would be if it came from the standard cosplay retailer, and it is definitely equally or more lovely. This cosplay comes with almost everything you need to cosplay as Megapoid Gumi. All you need is a wig, which you can purchase through ManyCosplay with ease and have it delivered directly to your home, along with the cosplay.

ManyCosplay’s wigs were also featured in my Top Wig Seller’s List, which you can read here!

I think ManyCosplay is a fantastic place to shop for both cosplays and wigs, and it definitely deserves more credit as a cosplay retailer! They are simply a wonderful business, and they have great customer service. Don’t hesitate to check them out, and it would be lovely if you told them I sent you! 😉

*Note: The red tee-shirt I was wearing is not part of the outfit


My Top 5 Gorgeous Cosplay Wigs Sellers!

*Unsponsored. My Opinions~

5) They have some ridiculously gorgeous wigs as well as some super kawaii clothing at fab prices, which makes them all the more amazing. The only downside to them in general is the fact that they have a very small wig selection (9 natural and 11 unnatural), though the selection itself is gorgeous. Here are a couple of my favorite wigs from Pastel Demons:


(This one is the Skyler wig)

(This is the Kara wig)

Pastel Demons has a lovely selection of both natural and unnatural wigs. They have colors ranging from pink to brown, and everything in between. The store itself is super adorable, and even Gasaii loves it, so I’d recommend checking them out!

4) is a great resource for beginning cosplayers. They have wigs and some basic cosplay accessories, and I think that they have a good rep over all. They are even liked by the legendary Kaika of the Cosplay Chronicles. As for wigs themselves, they appear to have great variety. They have colors from blue to gray, and beyond that, so anyone with an appreciation for the rainbow spectrum will surely enjoy their products. They are a Japanese company, so I am not sure if those everywhere can receive their products.

(This one can be found here.)

They have both cosplay and fashion wigs, as you can see here:

(This one can be found here)

3) is not a cosplay wig retailer, specifically, but they retail wigs, weaves, and other hair products. Their wigs are great quality, and some are appropriate for cosplay or costume. And some of them would just be fun to wear! 😉

(Found here)

(Via here.)

Abhair provides a lovely selection with a pocket-friendly price (25-40USD typically) and ship worldwide.

2) has a ton of wigs. They have so many that they’ve been organized into four categories based on hair length. One of the things I love about ManyCosplay is that they sell the cosplay that goes with the wig. So if you’ve found a wig you love, and you want the cosplay, (or vice versa) they will have it. They have an insane amount of variety that I have not seen anywhere else (and I haven’t even seen all the wigs!).

(This one can be found here.)

(This one can be found here.)

Manycosplay has some of the best prices (20USD and maybe a bit above). Plus, the shipping is mad fast! I would definitely recommend checking them out, seeing as they rock.

1) is my favorite place to buy wigs.  They have a lot of variety, though they are a bit expensive (30-70USD per wig).  The quality is superb, and the shipping is fab for those in the US. They have a lot of gorgeous wigs, and I have seen maybe one bad review for them, ever.  They ship from within the US, which is a plus for many who couldn’t purchase/didn’t want to take the chance on foreign companies. [Pastel Demons also ship from within the US]

(This one can be found here.)

I am in love with their Rhapsody collection (shown above), though I don’t own one yet. They have tons of different dolly wigs, some looking natural and some of them look anything but. GLW is a medley of rainbow colors, and I love browsing their collection. I wish I could buy them all!

(This one can be found here.)

*I have heard that Lockshop sells great wigs, but I don’t own any, and have never bought from them. That’s why they aren’t on this list.