The Singaporean In Me

For those of you who have faithfully checked in on my blog for the several months it has existed, and scratched your heads as to why I suddenly disappeared, look no further. I have a decent explanation this time, I swear it. In fact, I have several.

First off all, I had exams less than a day ago for two weeks. I had to really buckle down and try my hardest to ace these exams in order to move up in school. American exams are really, really difficult. I don’t know about other countries, but they were hard here.

Secondly, my mother is expecting another child. This will be my fourth sibling (my parents will have five children)! It’s another girl ! 🙂 Obviously, a visit to Sg was in order since my mother is 9,500km away, on the complete other side of the planet with the rest of my family. While in Sg (I was literally only there for 48 hours), I contracted Pharyngitis (don’t worry, just a painful sore throat) and had to return to the US ASAP. It was literally one of the hardest things I’ve done, ever. I’m really, really happy in the US but …我想念我的家人! (I miss my family)

I don’t know if any of you have ever felt that way, if you’ve ever had two wonderful places in this world that are so far apart that they can’t remain connected. Part of me is distinctly Singaporean, and another part of me is American. I was not born in America, but I have lived here long enough to learn the language and their mannerisms, the best ways to travel and have seen how beautiful this country is. But I was born in Singapore in Mt Elizabeth Hospital, to  a Mongolian-Singaporean and an American woman. Dual citizenship was impossible, and I was automatically a Singaporean from birth.

Now that I’m in America, things are different. The food is different, the people are different, everything is different.  I love this country, but I also love my country.

My final excuse is the fact that I literally had surgery today. It was just an oral procedure, but I am kind of doped up on painkillers at the moment… But I’m trying to finish my K-Pop article drafts!

I will be back to regular blogging soon enough. It’s almost Christmas in the United States.