Sponsorship Information:

do accept sponsorships of almost any kind, and I don’t charge, or expect any sort of compensation from my sponsors. I expect to be sent a product/service and then I review. I don’t have a contract or enormous expectations, because I’m just a blogger in the same respect that you’re just a company. I know you guys are busy and are always looking out to make more money because your company’s lively-hood depends on it. I get it, guys, and I will be willing to work with your terms, because I know that the world doesn’t revolve around me.

My email is officialpeiton@gmail.com 

BUT WAIT. Before you send that sponsorship request, think about a few things:

1) I do not do any sort of 18+/”Adult” work. I’m not legal yet, meaning I cannot legally drink alcohol/operate a vehicle. This also means I cannot/will not do any R18+ work. Thank you.

2) I do not live in Asia. I live in the United States. If you want me to promote an Asian product, I will be glad to do so! But I won’t be responsible for the extra postage cost it may bring. But that shouldn’t discourage you guys! ❤ A lot of bloggers charge 500 USD+ just for an ad, not even counting the shipping/handling, as well as the cost of the product. How much would my postage cost? At the most, 20USD. 500USD>20USD

I’m sorry that I have to put up these regulations, but I dislike having to re-explain these terms nearly every time I receive a sponsorship request. I do not do R18+, and I don’t pay additional postage. That’s it. My terms are very, very loose compared to that of other bloggers, and while I may be a little more “prickly”, I am actually a descent person (I hope) and strive to do my very best when it comes to any sponsorship.

What do I get from a sponsorship with Pei?

-YouTube videos/reviews

-Product Reviews (This is in the form a blog entry/YT video)

-Instagram adverts (Trust me, whenever I receive a sponsorship, I will Instagram about it. You don’t even have to ask)

-Tweets (ditto the Instagram policy. If you sponsor me, I will Tweet about it.)

-Talk-Arounds (This basically means I will give you guys good ratings to my IRL friends and my Online buddies)

-You will be added to my list of Sponsors, which will be a page that details my previous works for future reference. I will link to your website and all of my work that I did for the sponsorship, as well as a sentence or two that details what I was sponsored. 🙂

-Any additional work you’d like me to do? Email me, and I will be ready to discuss it! I don’t mind doing additional work for you, but it must comply with my terms and conditions.

PLEASE DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED!!!! I am all business when it comes to things like this, and I feel that it is extremely important to just be upfront with what I expect, so that there will be no confusion or disappointment. But don’t let me no-nonsense-when-it-comes-to-business attitude scare you… I’m actually very friendly! ❤



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