I’m Still Alive

Hello all, it’s me once again and I’ve finally returned from my unannounced hiatus. I know for a fact that I owe all of you a decent explanation for my behavior, so without further ado I present my rather poor explanation:

I began this blog in late 2013, planning to chronicle my journey as an aidoru in Japan. My focus has since shifted away from that, morphing into something entirely new. I had once poured every ounce of my dedication into my training as an idol but as I grew I began to realize something incredibly important. Fame is fleeting, like a flickering flame, and there was no guarantee that’d I’d even accomplish anything as an idol. I had never been solely after fame but I would be lying if I said I didn’t want the attention.

Now, I realize the error of my ways. Yes, I still adore Japanese culture and I always will, but I have since begun to express interest in hobbies that hold some sort of substance in everyday life. I have grown more interested in linguistics and lost my contempt for dancing in front of a blurry webcam for a crowd of 1,000 on Nico Nico Live. My focus is now on my future, burning brighter than ever before.

I have grown up, I suppose, and finally realized that I looked about as much like an aidoru girl as a sack of potatoes. I’m tall (182 cm/6’0” to be precise), awkwardly lanky and my eyes are lackluster in comparison to the norm. If anything, I’m above average in appearance but I’m not compelling enough to sell. That is a decision I have come to on my own, and in all honesty it’s probably for the best that I leave my childish interests behind.

I’m a woman now, unbelievably enough, and it’s about time I started acting my age. I will still be making K/J-pop related posts and writing about current events, life and other topics but I will now be accepting serious sponsorships and putting a lot more effort into my internet presence. I’ve always wanted to be a blogger and now is the time for me to rebrand my style and better myself as a person. I almost abandoned this blog in favor of totally starting over but I now realize that it would have been a poor choice on my part to have done so. This blog is part of me and it’s about time I gave it the attention it deserves.

So, now, here I am. I’m a different person yet still the same and I can’t say if the changes will be good or not. All I know is that I am here and I must live in the now.

I will return to regular posting as soon as possible.




The Singaporean In Me

For those of you who have faithfully checked in on my blog for the several months it has existed, and scratched your heads as to why I suddenly disappeared, look no further. I have a decent explanation this time, I swear it. In fact, I have several.

First off all, I had exams less than a day ago for two weeks. I had to really buckle down and try my hardest to ace these exams in order to move up in school. American exams are really, really difficult. I don’t know about other countries, but they were hard here.

Secondly, my mother is expecting another child. This will be my fourth sibling (my parents will have five children)! It’s another girl ! 🙂 Obviously, a visit to Sg was in order since my mother is 9,500km away, on the complete other side of the planet with the rest of my family. While in Sg (I was literally only there for 48 hours), I contracted Pharyngitis (don’t worry, just a painful sore throat) and had to return to the US ASAP. It was literally one of the hardest things I’ve done, ever. I’m really, really happy in the US but …我想念我的家人! (I miss my family)

I don’t know if any of you have ever felt that way, if you’ve ever had two wonderful places in this world that are so far apart that they can’t remain connected. Part of me is distinctly Singaporean, and another part of me is American. I was not born in America, but I have lived here long enough to learn the language and their mannerisms, the best ways to travel and have seen how beautiful this country is. But I was born in Singapore in Mt Elizabeth Hospital, to  a Mongolian-Singaporean and an American woman. Dual citizenship was impossible, and I was automatically a Singaporean from birth.

Now that I’m in America, things are different. The food is different, the people are different, everything is different.  I love this country, but I also love my country.

My final excuse is the fact that I literally had surgery today. It was just an oral procedure, but I am kind of doped up on painkillers at the moment… But I’m trying to finish my K-Pop article drafts!

I will be back to regular blogging soon enough. It’s almost Christmas in the United States.

My Top 5 Gorgeous Cosplay Wigs Sellers!

*Unsponsored. My Opinions~

5) Pasteldemons.storenvy.com/ They have some ridiculously gorgeous wigs as well as some super kawaii clothing at fab prices, which makes them all the more amazing. The only downside to them in general is the fact that they have a very small wig selection (9 natural and 11 unnatural), though the selection itself is gorgeous. Here are a couple of my favorite wigs from Pastel Demons:


(This one is the Skyler wig)

(This is the Kara wig)

Pastel Demons has a lovely selection of both natural and unnatural wigs. They have colors ranging from pink to brown, and everything in between. The store itself is super adorable, and even Gasaii loves it, so I’d recommend checking them out!

4) Assistcosplay.com is a great resource for beginning cosplayers. They have wigs and some basic cosplay accessories, and I think that they have a good rep over all. They are even liked by the legendary Kaika of the Cosplay Chronicles. As for wigs themselves, they appear to have great variety. They have colors from blue to gray, and beyond that, so anyone with an appreciation for the rainbow spectrum will surely enjoy their products. They are a Japanese company, so I am not sure if those everywhere can receive their products.

(This one can be found here.)

They have both cosplay and fashion wigs, as you can see here:

(This one can be found here)

3) Abhair.com is not a cosplay wig retailer, specifically, but they retail wigs, weaves, and other hair products. Their wigs are great quality, and some are appropriate for cosplay or costume. And some of them would just be fun to wear! 😉

(Found here)

(Via here.)

Abhair provides a lovely selection with a pocket-friendly price (25-40USD typically) and ship worldwide.

2) Manycosplay.com has a ton of wigs. They have so many that they’ve been organized into four categories based on hair length. One of the things I love about ManyCosplay is that they sell the cosplay that goes with the wig. So if you’ve found a wig you love, and you want the cosplay, (or vice versa) they will have it. They have an insane amount of variety that I have not seen anywhere else (and I haven’t even seen all the wigs!).

(This one can be found here.)

(This one can be found here.)

Manycosplay has some of the best prices (20USD and maybe a bit above). Plus, the shipping is mad fast! I would definitely recommend checking them out, seeing as they rock.

1) Gothiclolitawigs.com is my favorite place to buy wigs.  They have a lot of variety, though they are a bit expensive (30-70USD per wig).  The quality is superb, and the shipping is fab for those in the US. They have a lot of gorgeous wigs, and I have seen maybe one bad review for them, ever.  They ship from within the US, which is a plus for many who couldn’t purchase/didn’t want to take the chance on foreign companies. [Pastel Demons also ship from within the US]

(This one can be found here.)

I am in love with their Rhapsody collection (shown above), though I don’t own one yet. They have tons of different dolly wigs, some looking natural and some of them look anything but. GLW is a medley of rainbow colors, and I love browsing their collection. I wish I could buy them all!

(This one can be found here.)

*I have heard that Lockshop sells great wigs, but I don’t own any, and have never bought from them. That’s why they aren’t on this list.

Happy Chuseok! 추석 잘 보내세요!

Happy Chuseok everyone! ❤

For those of you who don’t know what Chuseok is, it’s basically the Korean equivalent of American Thanksgiving. And if you’re not American, Chuseok is basically a huge festival with a lot of food that falls somewhere between September 18 and September 20. (Chuseok is on September 19th this year!) Chuseok is the biggest holiday in Korea. You may have heard of it called Hangawi before as well.

When I called Chuseok ‘Korea’s equivalent of Thanksgiving’, I wasn’t joking. Chuseok is all about being thankful for your ancestors and the harvest, similar to the way Americans are thankful for the year they’ve had so far. You’ll probably see Korean celebrities in Chuseok outfits, like Crayon Pop are wearing here:


However, Crayon Pop’s outfits aren’t very traditional. Most Korean women will wear a much longer skirt, and if they are wearing pants, they won’t be shown. The headpieces aren’t as common either- but this is Crayon Pop…


Chuseok is a three-day holiday in Korea, and it begins on Wednesday and goes to Friday, and then, of course, you have the weekend, so it’s typically a five-day break for most Koreans. Lucky 😉

One of the biggest Chuseok events in the K-Pop world is the Idol Star Athletic Championships. This competition has a yearly Chuseok special, and features many impressive K-Pop groups and Idols. SHINee, B2ST, and T-ara have all participated in this competition, as well as many other groups. If I recall correctly from when I viewed the show on Korean TV, there were 160 Idols competing in the event. 😮


For example, in this photograph, you’ll see SHINee competing in the Idol Star on Chuseok.

T-AraChuseokAthleticsT-ara 😉


This event is something I look forward to every year. Why? I love seeing my favourite celebrities outside of their elements- whether it’s singing, dancing, or just looking cute- and in what I consider my element. I may be extremely interested in becoming an idol, but until that is achieved, I am three things: a runner, a writer, and an artist.

These idols seem so perfect to us, with their flawless skin, big, bright eyes, and long legs, that we tend to forget that they are really just human. They aren’t any different from the rest of us once you remove all the makeup and the photoshop. They may be stunningly attractive and incredibly talented, but get this: Everyone has a talent. And everyone is uniquely beautiful. You may not fit the standard K-Pop look, but you can still be beautiful. You don’t have to be 5’6”, porcelain-skinned and able to sing like Christina Auguilera to be beautiful. Not all K-pop idols are this way, and you shouldn’t have to be, either. Beauty, in my opinion, comes from diversity, not conformity.

Not all K-Pop idols can run at break-neck speed or leap eight meters. The best part about Idol Star Athletic Championship is seeing them try, even if they aren’t that great. It’s the effort that they put into it that counts.

Chuseok is a holiday that can mean many different things to many different types of people. For me, Chuseok means Idol Star, Korean BBQ, hot tea, and friends. For other people, it might mean fancy outfits and visiting the cemetery. Chuseok can be traditional, unconventional, or just plain wacky, all depending on who you ask.

girlsgenerationchuseokHere, Girl’s Generation wears traditional clothing. They embody the traditional Chuseok style.

chuseoktea01(Taken from my Instagram- @officialpeiton)

As I said earlier, part of Chuseok for me is hot tea. I’ve been drinking traditional-styled Korean tea during Chuseok since I was a little girl. I’ll always associate it with Chuseok, no matter how old I get or where I live.

In my opinion, Chuseok is not about fancy outfits and five-days off. Chuseok is about being thankful for what you have, even if it isn’t much. Chuseok is family, friends, and being thankful for the life you’re living. I may not be the wealthiest girl (in fact, I’m definitely NOT), or the prettiest (No here too), but I’m still thankful for everything I have. I’m thankful for my education, my friends and family, and I’m thankful for you. You, the person who’s reading this right now. I wouldn’t be anywhere without the wonderful people in my life, and you are one of those wonderful people. The fact that you even attempted to read all the way through this is enough for me.

Happy Chuseok! 추석 잘 보내세요!

Welcome To My Blog!! <3

I wish I could begin this blog on good terms, but I really can’t. I need somewhere to talk about this, what happened on September 5th, 2013, without being judged. What happened, you ask?

Someone attempted to break into my home between 2:35 in the afternoon and 7:09 PM. When I came home from having dinner with my family, my front door had been broken somehow, but it hadn’t been opened. There were two odd marks on it, and the wood was splintered in two separate places. The door was also dented. When the police arrived, they explained that someone had obviously tried to pry open the door with a pro-bar, but were unable to enter because I had the top-lock on. If I hadn’t locked the top-lock, I would have undoubtedly been robbed.

I know this probably isn’t the sort of thing I should be posting (especially as the first entry!) on my blog about Japanese culture, but I’m just afraid right now. I’m afraid of all the what-ifs and the could-have-beens, and most importantly, I’m afraid of what could have happened if I came home early. I just need to get this out.

On a better note, welcome to my blog!!! Here, I will be posting a variety of different things, from my experiences learning Japanese (as well as advice, because it can be difficult when you’re just starting out) to OOTDs (if anyone even cares about those, that is…) and beyond. I hope we all have a great time together, and thanks for reading!

Now, for a “brief” introduction!

My name is Pei Ton, written as ペイトン in kanji, and I would like to considermyself a Japanese Idol-in-Training. What does this mean? It basically means that I’m honing and perfect my talent so that I can properly enter the Japanese Idol mix with actual skill and maybe get something out of it. Yes, I know this is a big dream, and I have about a 99.999999999999% chance of not making it, but I am willing to go for it anyway. Why? I’m passionate. I love Japanese culture, even though there are certain elements that make me cringe, like the fact that 50+% of an idol’s fans are middle-aged men. I love listening to different musicians and genres, from J-Pop to K-Pop, and everywhere else in between. I’m not a weeaboo, I swear. I can’t be a weeaboo if I enjoy K-Pop just as much as J-Pop, now can I? ; )

My clothing style is very different, I’ll say that, but I don’t have the best closet at the moment. I’m currently learning how to sew (I need to save my $$$$!!!), and I will hopefully have a more impressive closet soon. Right now, it’s mostly athletic shorts and tee-shirts (OMG so not kawaii!)… Yuck, I know!
One of the reasons I decided to make this blog was to prove it to a greater part of the Internet-world that not all e-Idols are talentless airheads who got lucky. I am not even that pretty, so you don’t have to worry about it too much! ; ) I know a common stereotype about idols is that we ‘don’t even try’ and that ‘we got lucky’. I haven’t really gotten lucky yet, but with my careful training and effort, I know I can make it.

What I have here is not just a dream, because I will make it a reality.

I have been planning and preparing since age 12 to make this jump, to become an idol. I started with getting in shape and learning the basics of makeup. I struggled to ‘find’ myself at first, and wound up trying to be another little Beckii Cruel– which didn’t work, obviously. There is only one Beckii, after all. But, at the time, I didn’t realize that. I thought I could be just like her if I lost weight and grew out my hair… Big surprise, it didn’t work! My hair is more like a bush than anything else, so I can’t rock the smooth-as-silk look like Beckii can until I figure out how to manage it. (A mystery that will probably remain forever unsolved *cue dramatic music*) I have finally realized that there is no one I can be except me, and have since grown into my five-foot-eleven frame accordingly. (Tall idols FTW, baby!)

I will be upfront here and say this:

I have flaws. I HAVE FLAWS. I HAVE FLAWS!!! I cannot stress this enough. Everyone thinks idols are perfect, but they really aren’t. They’re regular people just like you. 

I will now list out a few of my flaws for your amusement:

1) Freakishly tall and still growing (probably)

2) My skin is not perfect. PMS ladies, is not friendly. My skin is okay until that lovely time, and then it’s like WEO WEO BREAKOUT BREAKOUT BREAKOUT!!! What, you have a life to live?! SORRY!! (TMI, sorry XD)

3) My hair rivals that of the Cowardly Lion’s

4) I have no money, like at all. I’m saving up for a higher quality camera (I need recommendations, by the way) and I have no job… So I have no $

5) I can’t dance to save my poor little life- but I’m working on it!!

6) I look like this:


(That should be enough on its own people!!!)

Okay, that’s enough of the public humiliation of Pei. I hope you guys appreciate my sacrifice XD

*coughs* That intro was anything but brief. You’ll have to forgive me 😉 For more information about me, please visit my About Page! (But you probably don’t want anymore information hehe…)

Thank you so much for reading this random post! I promise I’ll calm down by the time I post my next entry. Writing this made me feel a lot better ❤  On the side: I’ve created a poll for you guys, asking for your input on what you’d like to see from me. It can be found at the bottom of this post!