About Me: Beauty

I’ve always enjoyed art, and to me, makeup is just another art form.

love putting makeup on other people, and making them feel more confident about themselves. I have a skin condition that makes wearing some cosmetics difficult (for instance, I cannot wear blush), and gives my skin an odd texture. I can’t always do everything I’d like on me, so I turn to other people, like my best friend, Hannah.

I love trying out and buying new makeup and skin care, but I really don’t have the money. I need to spend money on other more important things, which often leaves very little else for makeup. I don’t own a foundation, concealer, or a good primer (my personal makeup staples!) at the moment because I’ve run out. I make due with a Skin79 BB Cream that is unfortunately not my colour for special occasions. …So I guess I’m what you’d call a budget beauty blogger?  I want my readers to understand that I’m not rich, and I know that a lot of things are more important than the way you look.

Trust me, girls, I know what it’s like to be self reliant and struggling.

On this page, I will answer any commonly asked beauty questions and just talk about beauty itself. 🙂

*Please note that some of these will be reposted from my main FAQ page*


Do you pluck your eyebrows? If so, how?

I don’t lah! My eyebrows are extremely straight naturally, with a relatively small arch. They look just like my father’s eyebrows, so there you go! Genetics!

Do you dye your hair?

No, I don’t. I did this really odd trick with lemon juice once and I totally lightened the lower half of my hair (I am not even joking), and I can’t fix it. 😡

Do you wear circle lenses?

No, I’d like to, but I don’t.

What is your favourite makeup brand?

I love, love, love Korean brands like Etude House, Holika Holika, and innisfree, as well as cool eco brands like The Body Shop. I like a lot of different companies 🙂

Do you retouch your pictures?

I add effects like Black-and-white, and mess around with the lighting, but I really don’t do much else aside from resizing the pictures. I am a Photoshop noob 😉

What’s your favourite skin care line?

I have a lot of favourites, but I currently don’t own any of them. I have no money, so I can’t really buy expensive cosmetics or skin care ATM.

But some of my favourites are:

-Skin79’s BB Cleanser,

Shiseido Facial Whip (loveeeee)… well, anything by Shiseido is good (from what I’ve tried)

– Etude House’s Wonder Pore line,

-The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Skin care Line (the best I’ve ever tried for troubled skin!!!)

-Etude House’s AC Clinic Line

Do you struggle with redness? Or is that blush?

That’s redness. My KP (see below)

What are those little bumps on your face?

I have a skin condition called KP (KP= Keratosis Pilarsis), which is science language for a bunch of blotchy red bumps and white dots (like red freckles) all over my face. Yay. *is sarcastic*


Just look at those lovely bumps…  (I’m regretting posting this picture, but where would I be without honesty? Please try not to cringe too much….)

What jobs do you have? Is it in the beauty industry?

I’m currently unemployed, but I am looking for a job. I’d love to work at a makeup counter (the discounts!) or a Body Shop store, because I love their products. Hopefully I can find a job soon!

…does blogging count as a job? I know I’m no XiaXue, but maybe one day…

In your photos, what foundation are you wearing?

I’m wearing Skin79’s VIP Gold BB Cream. No concealer, no setting powder, nothing. If you’ve noticed most of my photos are in black-and-white, that’s because this particular BB Cream has a strong grey flash-back. 😉

Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions!
For a more private contact, shoot me an email at officialpeiton@gmail.com



2 thoughts on “About Me: Beauty

    • Thank you so much, dear! I really appreciate what you’ve said!
      I’m not that beautiful XD I just feel the need to be extremely honest with people, especially my blog readers. I want blogging to be natural and easy, and I don’t want to have to fake it. That would be majorly difficult! Thank you so much ❤

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