“Be yourself- – everyone else is already taken.” ~Oscar Wilde

Hello all you lovely people! ❤

I’m called ペイトン-, or Pei Ton, and this is my blog!

omgilooksocutehowdidthishappenEither take me as I am, or watch me as I go.

I am a slightly sarcastic teenager with a passion for Asian culture who dreams of becoming an idol. Oh, wait, hold up! That’s not just a dream! Why? Because I will make it a reality! I know I can do it if I just keep trying, even if there is a 99.999999999% percent chance I won’t make it. I can do anything I set my mind to, so you better watch out! 😉

I’m a silly person who often makes these terrible jokes that I find quite funny, yet no one else does. They’re bound to pop up somewhere, in the midst of one of my posts, and I hope you can manage to choke back your disgust XD They’re horrible jokes!

I’ve been told that I use to many emoticons, but I have no idea what those crazy people were talking about… *coughs*


How tall are you?

I’m 5’11” or 180 cm/1.8m. Yeah, I know. WOAH.

Are you a weeaboo?

NOOOOOOOO! I am not a wannabe Japanese. I love the culture, but I’m not going to even pretend that I’m Japanese. Do I look like it? No, I don’t. I have blue eyes and brown hair and tan skin– it just wouldn’t work.

Will you review ____________ ________ for me?

No, I can’t, I’m sorry. I’m an unemployed student with pretty much zero money. I am  currently looking for a job lah, so hopefully I can start to generate income soon. Until then, I really can’t buy something and review it for my blog. If I review a cosmetic or something, I can almost promise that I received said product as a gift. No $$ 😦

Do you dye your hair?

No, I don’t. I did this really odd trick with lemon juice once and I totally lightened the lower half of my hair (I am not even joking), and I can’t fix it. 😡

Do you wear circle lenses?

No, I’d like to, but I don’t.

What is your favourite makeup brand?

I love, love, love Korean brands like Etude House, Holika Holika, and innisfree, as well as cool eco brands like The Body Shop. I like a lot of different companies 🙂

Do you retouch your pictures?

I add effects like Black-and-white, and mess around with the lighting, but I really don’t do much else aside from resizing the pictures. I am a Photoshop noob 😉

What’s your favourite skin care line?

I have a lot of favourites, but I currently don’t own any of them. I have no money, so I can’t really buy expensive cosmetics or skin care ATM.

But some of my favourites are:

-Skin79’s BB Cleanser,

-Shiseido Facial Whip (loveeeee)… well, anything by Shiseido is good (from what I’ve tried)

– Etude House’s Wonder Pore line,

-The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Skin care Line (the best I’ve ever tried for troubled skin!!!)

-Etude House’s AC Clinic Line

Why are you so into idol culture?

I really don’t know. I enjoy it, and I have a passion. That’s my only explanation.

What are those little bumps on your face?

I have a skin condition called KP (KP= Keratosis Pilarsis), which is science language for a bunch of blotchy red bumps and white dots (like red freckles) all over my face. Yay. *is sarcastic*

Do you hate Kotakoti/Dakota Rose for getting famous because of Photoshop?

No, I don’t hate her… in fact, I’m a little jealous. I wish I was as famous as she is, because then I’d have a contract with BRAVO Models, which is practically a lifelong dream of mine! They are the ultimate modeling agency! I also wish I had Dakota’s photoshop skills. I can’t do anything in Photoshop except erase the occasional blemish and adjust the colour. That’s it, unfortunately.

People call you ‘Beckii Version Two’ or compare you to her. Why is that?

I really don’t know, man. We’re nothing alike. I mean, have you seen Beckii? She’s gorgeous!! I guess people see me as similar because I’m trying to become an idol…? I don’t really know, to be honest!
Coke or Pepsi?

Coke all the way! But water is so much better!!

Do you accept sponsorships?

Of course! Email me at officialpeiton@gmail.com for business inquiries!

For a more in-depth beauty related FAQ, please check out my Beauty page here:


Thanks for reading! Feel free to ask anything, I’ll answer! ❤



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