I’m Still Alive

Hello all, it’s me once again and I’ve finally returned from my unannounced hiatus. I know for a fact that I owe all of you a decent explanation for my behavior, so without further ado I present my rather poor explanation:

I began this blog in late 2013, planning to chronicle my journey as an aidoru in Japan. My focus has since shifted away from that, morphing into something entirely new. I had once poured every ounce of my dedication into my training as an idol but as I grew I began to realize something incredibly important. Fame is fleeting, like a flickering flame, and there was no guarantee that’d I’d even accomplish anything as an idol. I had never been solely after fame but I would be lying if I said I didn’t want the attention.

Now, I realize the error of my ways. Yes, I still adore Japanese culture and I always will, but I have since begun to express interest in hobbies that hold some sort of substance in everyday life. I have grown more interested in linguistics and lost my contempt for dancing in front of a blurry webcam for a crowd of 1,000 on Nico Nico Live. My focus is now on my future, burning brighter than ever before.

I have grown up, I suppose, and finally realized that I looked about as much like an aidoru girl as a sack of potatoes. I’m tall (182 cm/6’0” to be precise), awkwardly lanky and my eyes are lackluster in comparison to the norm. If anything, I’m above average in appearance but I’m not compelling enough to sell. That is a decision I have come to on my own, and in all honesty it’s probably for the best that I leave my childish interests behind.

I’m a woman now, unbelievably enough, and it’s about time I started acting my age. I will still be making K/J-pop related posts and writing about current events, life and other topics but I will now be accepting serious sponsorships and putting a lot more effort into my internet presence. I’ve always wanted to be a blogger and now is the time for me to rebrand my style and better myself as a person. I almost abandoned this blog in favor of totally starting over but I now realize that it would have been a poor choice on my part to have done so. This blog is part of me and it’s about time I gave it the attention it deserves.

So, now, here I am. I’m a different person yet still the same and I can’t say if the changes will be good or not. All I know is that I am here and I must live in the now.

I will return to regular posting as soon as possible.