Fakes, Liars, and HyunA (-o⌒) ∑(O_O;) ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ

Everyone who knows K-Pop knows HyunA. You’d have to be living under a rock to have not heard of this funky, sometimes-edgy South Korean pop idol. She’s a rapper, dancer, singer, model, (and more!) and currently managed by JYP and Cube Entertainment. HyunA tackled the K-Pop scene first in the group ‘Wonder Girls’ in 2007. She then moved on to the popular girl group, ‘4Minute’ in 2009. HyunA is also part of the pop duo, Trouble Maker. She’s famous for being a mix of cute and sexy, and is known world-wide for her hit song, Bubble Pop!


I myself am a big HyunA fan, and have followed her since Wonder Girls. Like most fans, I followed her on Twitter, Cyworld, and other social media. I followed “her” on Instagram too, thinking I had found the real HyunA. Unfortunately, I was just following one of dozens of fakes.

Just yesterday, I logged into Instagram to check up on my friends and my favourite celebs and uljjangs- like Ariana Grande, Miyake Ng, and 박형석– and realized that the HyunA instagram account I had been following was fake (hence the angry emoticons in the title). V(=^・ω・^=)v There were tons of comments on the page, saying things like “You’re just a faker” and “The real HyunA is @hyunah_aa”. Being the person I am, I decided to check out this “hyunah_aah” and see if she was indeed the real Kim Hyun-A. I realized she was after noticing that G.NA follows her!

To be clear: the real HyunA is @hyunah_aa

I immediately reported and then blocked the fake HyunA that I had been following, and I suggest all of you do the same. It’s not cool to fake someone online! I’ve had my fair share of fakes (one of them writing me off as a Mexican/Japanese gyaru model under the name Elle Sandé), and I can definitely say that it’s not fun. People will debate you and your identity, and it’s not fun. People begin to question you, even if you are the real one. That’s never a good feeling.

Moral: Don’t trust the internet, kids.

The internet is both a wonderful thing and an evil one. You can find almost any information you want… and you can also get stalked. Don’t put anything out there that you wouldn’t want anyone else to see. Just because you have 8 Twitter followers doesn’t mean that you can tweet nude pictures of yourself for the fun of it. Anyone could see those- your mom, a middle-aged creeper, your fifth-period Science teacher… ANYONE.

And don’t trust people online with personal information. That hot 19-year-old you just met on Facebook could be your ninety-three year old neighbor. Don’t meet up with people you don’t know. It’s okay to talk (I do a lot of that 😉 ) but don’t give them stuff like the name of your school or your home phone number. They can and will find you. Don’t think they won’t.

Okay, Pei’s boring ranting (that you’ve probably hear a million times) is over. But my advice still stands. That person pretending to be a pretty celebrity is just an ugly liar hiding behind a fake name and a fake image. The Internet is a dangerous place, kids. Don’t underestimate the power of Google. My buddy Rima got stalked and sent a bunch of inappropriate images because she posted her Skype online. Be careful, alright? I love you all and couldn’t stand the idea of seeing you get hurt.

….I still can’t see how I tied all that in with HyunA, but go figure. It works.

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