Crayon Pop Asks For Money Instead of Gifts?


Crayon Pop is an adorable S. Korean pop group made up of five girls, including a set of twins. Their members are Gum Mi, So Yul, Ellin, and twins, Cho A and Way. You may know them from their song, Bar Bar Bar, or 바 바 바, as it is written in Korean Hangul.


The girls are not as popular as groups like 4 Minute, or the Japanese AK48, and are generally less well-known. But as soon as something bad happens, they’re suddenly making headlines.


CRAYON POP– GREEDY?‘ Another blares.

Woah, woah, hold your horses! Crayon Pop is not a greedy group begging for money to pamper themselves. They are a group of genuinely talented girls who all have good hearts. How do I know this? It’s quite simple. Crayon Pop did ask for money instead of gifts (I will explain this in more detail further into the post), but there was a good reason!

Crayon Pop planned to donate the money they received to charity (though they did not specify which). The CEO of Chrome Entertainment, Hwang Hyun Chang, stated that,”…However, the reason for not accepting any more gifts is because people started to give expensive, designer brand gifts to the members, which made them feel burdened. Of course, they were grateful but they also felt bad. Expensive gifts are burdensome for both the person giving and the person receiving the gift. These kinds of gifts may also cause other fans who are not as financially able or young student fans to feel out of place. Also, when the Crayon Pop members use or wear those gifts, it might raise up more issues…“.

Is this not understandable? Asian idol groups, as well as other talent in general, are often extremely thankful of what they receive from fans, and we all know how some hardcore fans can get… Possessive. Crayon Pop’s management was obviously trying to do the right thing here, and please everyone. However, it wound up having the opposite effect. The fans obviously felt either cheated or irritated with Crayon Pop for “refusing their gifts”. Can you imagine how many gifts these girls receive in a single day, let alone a whole week? I’m sure the number is in the 1,000s!

“The standard of an ‘expensive’ gift may differ with each person so we cannot pinpoint an exact amount and we cannot decide on an exact standard on which gifts can be accepted and which cannot. We also cannot ignore the devotion of the fans either so we needed a method that was fair,” Hwang Hyun Chang offered by way of explanation for his decision to uphold the ‘No Gifts’ policy.

I think that the raging fans need to calm down and take a deep breath. For one, this is not Crayon Pop’s fault. Their management ultimately has the final word in public relations, and this was obviously what they thought was best. It did not work out the way they had originally planned, but you can tell they had good intentions. Crayon Pop planned to donate the money to charity, which is about as good of an intention that you can have. It’s not like they came out and said, “We don’t want your gifts! We just want your money!” (They didn’t, clearly)

Before all the Crayon Pop fans loose their minds over this, just think about it from their point of view. They receive tons of gifts every single day, and they obviously can’t use/wear every single one of them. If they tried to use/wear every single thing any fans ever gave them, they probably wouldn’t even be half-way done by the time they’re all eighty years old! So what are they supposed to do with it?! It was probably stressing them out, because of traditional Asian graciousness, they probably felt like they needed to at least thank every single fan for what they were given, and obviously, that’s not possible. (By “traditional Asian graciousness, I mean this: In China, it is common courtesy to return the “favour” done for you, i.e., a gift, with either another gift or at least a strong thanks. I imagine this translates to other countries as well.)  Their management obviously decided, “You know what, enough is enough. No more gifts, please.” which is what got us into this position in the first place.

CEO Hwang even apologized for the events, saying,”We decided the method that would please everyone would be donations but the way we decided to do it and the words that we used were not thought out properly or well enough so we apologize.”

They apologized. Please stop raging, KPoppers! They were trying to do a good thing, kay? They even went on to further apolgize/explain what they did wrong, so it’s not even worth the fussing it’s receiving!

CEO Hwang finished his apology with, “I really hope you understand that we feel it’s better to share the love and devotion you give to Crayon Pop with others who are in need. That will be a more precious and valuable gift to Crayon Pop and the members are happy and grateful enough by just receiving your love. We apologize once again for causing worry through our poor choice of words and expression and please continue to love Crayon Pop.”

As you can see, they already regret trying to be good individuals and donate to charity because of a bunch of angry fans. I know it can be upsetting to feel unappreciated (believe me, I know the feeling), but please do not take out your anger on Crayon Pop. It was out of their control, and I’m sure they didn’t mean to insult anyone by deciding to refuse gifts. They are sweet girls and they make great music, so let’s focus on that, shall we? They’re meant to be enjoyed for their music, not fought about like children. Their true fans realize this. Now, tell me… Are you a true fan?

Thank you for reading all the way through this! I’d appreciate if you’d do a few things now that you’ve read this:

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6 thoughts on “Crayon Pop Asks For Money Instead of Gifts?

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  2. Wow thats abit dissapointing… I wish fan’s would not do such thing’s, I fully support such move’s good way to stop fan-war’s and Anti-Bias with other fan’s… Also i have been apart of “Fan-sponsored” event’s… If i could i would be like “Shut up and Take my Money” To the girl’s
    (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥

    • Yeah I know right! Fans are overreacting, and when I spoke about this one Facebook, I got a comment “thanking me” for “exposing” Crayon Pop as the “money-grubbing b*tches they are”. I don’t know if that’s how my article sounded, but that’s not what I meant! Hopefully some of the angry fans will read this and maybe calm down.
      Thank you very much for reading and taking the time to comment! Are there any topics you’d like me to discuss here? Reader opinion is extremely important to me >^~^<

  3. I’m a grandfather fan in the United States, I have purchased video and CD products from several other groups also, and this fan war busyness is new to me, I think it is stupid. and I don’t think any true fans of Crayon Pop were raising any stink about this issue. I suspect it was all pretenders, like low minded people who think they can make some other group they are loyal to, look better by comparison, through trying to make Crayon Pop look bad while pretending to be upset C.P. fans. This is something many people do outside of the Pop music industry fan wars as well, they most usually think they can make themselves look good by belittling the accomplishments of others. We have all met people like that in our own lives!

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